Unlike open pools and Jacuzzis the water used in the Physio 1611 system is stored in a food-grade polymer tank, that is enclosed and not stored in open direct sunlight. Algae thrive in bodies of water that are stored in direct sunlight, and therefore requires higher maintenance to ensure water quality. The Physio pool water is automatically filtered during, and after, each and every use of the system. The water is being monitored by electronic probes that are located strategically within the filtration system. These probes sample the water constantly and automatically dose the water with sanitizer and PH balancing solution as, and when, required, maintaining crystal clear hygienic water.

No – the Physio 1611 pool is water-wise in operation. Even though the water storage / treatment system holds and utilizes up to 3,000 litres ( 715 gallons), incredibly, only a very little amount of water is consumed during each bathing session – approximately 30 litres (7 gallons). This water is automatically drained from the system as part of the filtration / water treatment procedure for optimum hygienic maintenance. Health guidelines recommend that at least 30 litres (7 gallons) of used pool water be replaced with fresh water per bather use.

Because the water is stored in an enclosed tank there is very little water evaporation – unlike open bodies of water such as swimming pools and Jacuzzis that loose considerable amounts of water through evaporation. That can account for thousands of litres (gallons) per week.

The pool can hold up to 3,000 litres (715 gallons) of water. Typically around 2,000 litres ( 476 gallons) is used for for treadmill workout. It takes approximately 3 minutes to fill the pool and 3 minutes to empty the pool.

The Physio 1611 pool can be assembled and operating within days, and in most cases requires very little preparation - only basic plumbing & electrical services. The water in the Physio 1611 can be effectively maintained and economically heated as it is stored in an enclosed tank. The area required for a Physio 1611 installation is considerably less than for a pool, and the safety requirements of operating an open pool of water is, in most cases, very extensive and costly. The Physio 1611 can be relocated at a later date should it be required.

Yes, the treadmill can run wet or dry up to a speed range of 15kph (9.3mph).

Physio 1611 consists of a glass wall pool, a water treatment equipment pack and a storage tank. The storage tank and equipment pack are usually located in an area that is screened off from the pool or in a nearby location - external of the room. The water tank stores the working water that is to be transferred to and from the pool. The equipment pack incorporates a water filter, heating and sanitizing system that constantly monitors and maintains the water quality. When the bather is in the pool the water is then transferred from the storage tank into the booth at the touch of a button. The water level in the pool can be adjusted at anytime to suit the activity. To transfer the water back into the storage tank simply press the empty button located on the control panel. The water is hygienically maintained and recycled – WATERWISE!

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