Absolutely – Aquatic exercise is extremely beneficial for building fitness levels of all ages. The elderly may require a more convenient and enjoyable way to exercise - aquatic exercise, including deep water running, is low impact so it is easy on muscles and joints - as opposed to many high impact land-based exercises. The Physio 1611 pool’s convenience will definitely encourage use, and will become part of your every day lifestyle. 

The Physio 1611 pool can be installed within a variety of business’s . 
Fitness & health clubs may offer private aquatic work-outs, making aquatic exercise more appealing to those that would not normally enter public pools to exercise. There is a large number of people that are self-conscious about their appearance and therefore would not expose themselves in a bathing suit, in a public area. Pools may be over-crowded, too many people swimming in lanes etc. – too much distraction for those that want to exercise. A Spa or Wellness center may utilize a Physio 1611 pool to provide vertical floatation , seaweed & mud masks, thermal transfer treatments etc.. Bathers may be placed within an ‘aqualiner’ with solutions applied over their entire body. The water lifts them into vertical floatation and the water pressure compresses. No mud’s or solutions come into contact with the water - simply dispose of the ‘aqualiner’ after use.

Physiotherapists may use the Physio 16111 pool for injury recovery, strengthening etc.. The clear glass panels enable visual monitoring by the therapist. The water level in the Physio 1611 pool is totally variable and can be filled waist high for concentrated lower limb exercise. The warm water assists in the relaxing and stretching of muscles.

The Physio 1611 is low maintenance. It has been designed for commercial use and incorporates only heavy duty commercial grade components. The automatic sanitizing / water treatment system incorporated is the same control system used in many Olympic size commercial swimming pools. The Physio pool water treatment system is 'state of the art', and enables operators to visually monitor water quality at a glance and record the status that is clearly displayed on an LCD screen.. All commercial facilities that incorporate swimming pools, Jacuzzis etc.. are obligated to monitor and record the water condition on a regular basis eg...every three hours - and with the Physio 1611 pool it's made easy. For crystal clear water a cartridge filtration system is utilized. The cartridge will require periodic cleaning. For ultimate hygienic conditions the pool will require a quick washing down and rinsing following each use.

A basic maintenance schedule should be adhered to incorporating the manufacturers guidelines.

The Physio 1611 relies upon electricity to operate the pumps that fill & empty the pool. In the event that the electrical supply to System is disrupted eg.. power failure etc.. then the pool has a manual gravity drain option that can be operated easily from either within the pool, or from outside. The pool will then empty without an electrical supply. 

It is a volume of water that is contained within a clear visual glass pool. It is spacious within and allows freedom of movement. If you are generally comfortable bathing in swimming pools, Jacuzzis etc.. you will find the Physio 1611 pool very inviting and extremely enjoyable. It takes approximately 3 minutes to fully empty the booth when full - yet only seconds for the level to drop low enough so that the bather’s feet are in touch with the floor. The water level in the pool is variable and it may be filled to a level that still allows the bather to touch the floor but deep enough to carry out a full exercise program.

Yes, it is an easy system to operate. It has been designed so that it can be operated by the bather from within the booth or alternatively by a person outside the booth. Allowing full control over water transfer and treadmill operation.

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