Monday, 03 December 2012 10:46

John Quinn - Essendon Football Club Featured

In 2001 I approached PhysioPools with the concept of constructing state of the art contrast tubs to assist in the recovery and maintenance of our players here at Essendon Football Club. The tubs have been a huge success – so much so in fact that leading stadiums (such as Telstra Stadium here in Melbourne) have since adopted the same tubs for the use of competing players at their venues. I was interested then when contacted by HydroCo in 2007 to observe the use of a new and innovative product, known as “SUSPENSE’. I can see merit in the use of ‘SUSPENSE’ for non weight bearing exercise and training sessions. It will also provide an alternative training method – particularly where space is at a premium. From a conditioning point of view, ‘SUSPENSE’ may have considerable applications for rehabilitation from weight bearing injuries. These could include strength, flexibility, co-ordination and aerobic conditioning and weight loss. Whilst the benefits of training in an aquatic environment have been well documented, the ‘SUSPENSE’ provides a unique opportunity for training in an enclosed environment. This allows direct coaching and feedback and thereby may assist in the overall application of a given training program. To date, I have not used the ‘SUSPENSE’ unit with any of our players here at Essendon Football Club. When it does become commercially available, I would certainly give the unit due consideration. Yours sincerely, John Quinn High Performance Manager Essendon Football Club